Head of AI in Production and Engineering

Volkwagen AG

Munich, Germany

Focusing on AI in core processes along the automotive value chain, I am responsible for development and integration of AI in production an engineering processes. This includes as well development and Implementation of Volkswagen's AI strategy.

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Greater Detroit Area, Michigan, United States

Since 08/2018 I am building up and heading the AI team where we develop, deploy and operate AI solutions along the automotive value chain and for various brands and markets. My goal is to not only advancing AI and ML from a research perspective but also including it in real processes to create real impact.

The video shows a talk I gave in 2019 at the Toronto Machine Learning Summit on Productizing AI.

Lead, Machine Learning Expert Center

Munich, Germany

From February 2016 on I was responsible for building up and leading the ML Expert Center within the Volkswagen Data:Lab. We developed AI/ML solutions along the whole automotive value chain with a special focus on deep learning technology and infrastructure.

Research Scholar

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa, Israel

In 2015 I worked at the Technion in the CAD and Life Cycle Engineering group headed by Professor Moshe Shpitalni on interdisciplinary applications of AI and ML.

In a collaborative paper you can find here between Technion and University of Bremen, we investigated the influence of CNN design on the classification results in an industrial inspection setting.

Engineer, Autonomous Driving

University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg

Aschaffenburg, Germany

During my master studies I worked in the Laboratory of Integrated Circuit Design on multi-sensor pedestrian detection at smart intersections.

The main result of my research was published at IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium and can be found here.